Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Wasn't that sweet?

Around 7pm there were 3 of us sitting around knitting last night. Myself, Amy and Abigail. A woman came up to us and asked if we take yarn donations. Of course we do! Heck, we can make some cool things to give to charities, or even get new knitters started on some of this stuff. As they say, free yarn is great yarn!

So she is happy to hear this, and we try to get her to come and hone her skills next week if she really wants to learn more than rectangles. We're a helpful bunch. She comes back to our table after ordering her pastries and asks if we like chocolate. Hello? Is the pope Catholic? We nod, not knowing what to say. I mean, its not like we knew what was going on (okay, that could just be me being dense), or if we had a hint, she already bribed us with free yarn. That's pretty much enough for a knitter. She comes back to our table with 2 yummy chocolate "rum" balls. I think that's what they were. They were tasty, and it was very very kind of her. Did I mention that they were tasty? Mmmm! And huge! Sheesh.

So not only is it nice to meet new people, its really nice when they bribe you with free yarn and chocolate. Hehehe. A new friend!

Hopefully, I can pass on the good karma.

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