Friday, August 12, 2005

Not going to happen.

Well, I need to go down to a size 4 or 3 needle for the Silk Camisole. I don't have those in circs, so I'm putting it off. Instead, I found I got gauge for Soleil (kinda, depends on how I measure and the axis of the earth in accordance to Jupiter). So I'll make Soleil instead. Naaa! :P

I got my order from Hello Knitty and feel kinda dirty. Oh, everything was great (and I would tell you what I got but I'd have to kill you, most of it was for my secret pal) but I feel weird ordering from Hello "Knitty" as I work for the big mouthless cat. And uh, they use her image without permission, and I'm supposed to crack down on that. Copyright stuff, you know. So they reproduce the big mouthless cat, without permission, and well, that's bad.

So ignorance is bliss, I mean, who checks knitting sites for the big mouthless cat? Besides me? Ya, well, customer service was great, so I'm turning a blind eye.


Elspeth said...

So, do you guys get anything for the mouthless one being mentioned on The Daily Show tonight? As a Supreme Court Justice?

Shannon said...

Nope! Hehe!