Friday, October 07, 2005

Oh dear.

Okay, I've done it again. I need a quick easy project that looks impressive for a bridal shower. I was thinking the Perfect Pie Shawl from Weekend Knits. I still haven't made anything out of that darn book yet. Good way to start...don't have the book on me to say if its "easy" or not.

Any quick shawl patterns or anything like that? I have that pretty turquoise Shimmer I can use for something....if I wind it. She's not that amazing a friend, hence the easy, with lots of wow factor. Maybe Branching Out or something? Maybe the Airy Scarf? Who knows.

Due date: 1 week. Heh. Looks like socks are on the back burner ;)

I always do this to myself. Figures.


lidabit said...

I was thinking about doing the pillowcase edgings from Weekend Knitting for a bridal shower once... you can do it in cotton and it's just the edges to be sewn onto a plain pillowcase.

Shannon said...

Oh god, I don't like her that much. I think I'll make her the Spiderweb Caplet in SNB Nation. Easy, quick, and "hip" enough for her.