Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I gotta find some suitable Alpaca for a damn Yorick Scarf.

Okay, its not all that, but Its a SKULL SCARF. Hello? Yep, I gotta make it.


Also, it seems that Ben is quite sensitive to Alpaca, so no scarf for him. Hah!


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's your secret pal again. This last weekend I went on a hunt for some yarn for your package. Let me tell you: This is going to beone huge package! I have but two questions for you at the moment:

1.) What is your favorite kind of candy?
2.) Do you like weird Kitschy stuff? If so, what?

Ok, I'm going to send the package once I can find a box I can fit it all into.

Shannon said...

1. Chocolate stuff, and not mixed with fruit. Carmel is okay.

2. I guess so. I tend not to have a lot of knicknacks (sp) around sice I hate to dust. "Weird Kitchy stuff" is pretty broad ;)