Friday, January 25, 2008 black

I know, what a suprise. I had a burst of colour with that lime green, so black knitting is a very welcome thing now. Here is the progress on the Tree Jacket so far:

I'm still unsure if I'm going to end up with the small or medium. I'm tending towards the medium, since the lowest measurement really IS my size, but I don't want something baggy from hell. Then again, I'd like to wear something under this. Hrm. I just already know my habit of making sweaters too big...ugh.

And I did get pretty yarn this week, and finally got a photo of it.

Yummy rowan cotton rope for the Frontier Jacket. It is just a plain cardigan really. It has been awhile since I bought some black yarn! Okay, not counting the kidsilk haze...and...oh nevermind. My first yarn order of 2008.

So tonight I'm just sitting home alone, knitting while my husband goes and freaks out at random people at work. Because he gets cranky like that when people unplug his ethernet connection at his desk.

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