Monday, January 21, 2008

Not so 3 way

So this is the scarf/cowl/poncho. There is NO way in hell this will work as a poncho or scarf. However, it makes a fine cowl. Okay, it can be a scarf, but not in the sense that that pattern thinks.

Anyway, it was a good use of "fun fur"ish yarn. Now I'm done with it, and have swatched for the Tree Jacket.

Bonus shot of the 3rd Fetching I finished last night as well!


Elspeth said...

Very nice! It looks good, though, and hopefully warm - that's the kind of thing I need to make for myself!

stella said...

It looks great with the fetching! But, I have to add... That lipstick is one bitchin shade of red!

BlackCrow said...

Very fetching! Yeah that lippy, wow what a hot colour!
Its cold enough here in Tasmania to be wearing a cowl today.