Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You know, my strongpoint used to be common sense.

So I'm shopping around for some varigated non wool yarn for My So Called Scarf. I go local to The Loopy Ewe site to check out what is there, since I hear very good things.

It is really hard to shop for yarn when they don't say what the fiber content is.

No, really.

Especially when wool mistakes can send me running for an epi pen.

So while I would love to support a nice local joint, I have to assume that they pretty much carry "wool" from "sheep" and just nod at my friends when they score some great looking yarn (that I may or may not be able to touch).

(Okay, I can figure out the ones that say MERINO or Alpaca (unless it is a blend I don't know about), but really, the fiber content is way more important to me than where it is hand dyed).

Dear Loopy Ewe,

I'd love to support you, and I'd even buy yarn that wasn't black (really, I swear, at least once), but I'd rather not have a death bomb show up on my doorstep.

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maitai said...

you've been tagged on my blog. go do it!