Saturday, October 06, 2007

Not much new

So, the ribbing on the damn Cherie Amour kills my hands. 7 more rounds, I need to just suck it up. I've put off knitting this week just because of this!

I started the Secret of the Stole, and I'm already on row 31. I'm taking my time, and looking forward to when I'll be using 1 ball. It has 2 points (I'm assuming on each end) so I'm working 2 charts at once with 2 balls of yarn. Annoying. The beginnings of lace is always fiddly anyway.

Other than the 2 projects (which is killing me btw, I'm breaking rules here), I'm just trying to not sell my soul to Ravelry and get through my day job. Things are insane now. I have to take over my counterparts work by Friday, and uh, that is a LOT. Hopefully she will consider talking to me next week. Uh, ya.

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