Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I get so inspired to knit when I am at work. Then, I get home and cook dinner (no time to sit down!), eat, digest for 30 minutes, head out to the gym, come home and take a shower, and then it is almost bedtime.

Where is the knitting time?

When I'm awake enough, I do 30 minutes in the am, but lately that hasn't been happening. Of course then when I get to work I'm awake and all about creating something fun. If I take a lunch or a break it will push my leaving time more, pushing the rest of my evening schedule out of whack.

So I sit here and wish I could knit.

At least I'd be productive.

I will finish that damn scarf. Eventually...


Shoes said...

I hate that feeling. I know it all too well. Spending all the energy at work and having nothing for your pleasures at home.
We miss you at knitting btw.

BlackCrow said...

I feel the same!
I've been put in a charge of supervising 5 people plus training them to draw cartoons....I'm banging my head everyday I come home!
Sometimes I take a ball of wool with me in my bag so I can privately glimpse at it now and again or touch it.
There is a park across the road from me and dock lands. I'm thinking I could brave it and knit in public during my lunch break.
There is so little time!!!

Lucinda said...

I hate that. Darned work. It's gotten to where I take my knitting & knit in line while waiting at the cafeteria at work. That way I at least get a round row or two on a sock every day.