Friday, March 16, 2007


I got 2 books this week. Amazon is pissing me off though, so I might have to resort to other means for future books. Anyway...

Fitted Knits:

Run out and BUY THIS. This book rocks. The only issue I have with it is that some of the patterns look like they are just simple mods of the other ones in the book, kind of like filler. But the patterns are worth buying the book for. It is definetly my style.

No Sheep for You:

Um, there is no wool in this book. That is my list of positives. I think out of all the projects in the book, I would maybe make the scarf. I'm just not into the patterns. They But I'm not returning it because I want to support the whole "no wool" thing. I might regift it when I realize I will NEVER use it, or maybe I'll see a finished project and it will wow me. I'm doubting it. The patterns are kind of every day, and don't look fun to knit. Besides a crazy sweater that gives me a headache to look at. Oh, the info is good, but I buy books for patterns really.


Elspeth said...

I just bought Fitted Knits but I haven't looked through it yet. I agree about Stefanie's designs, though, they are all a modification of the original sweater design she created. But some do look nice.

I didn't join the No Sheep or whatever KAL because it was just patterns from this book, which kind of annoyed me. I'd like to see a KAL that is just alternative yarns, not associated with a book.

Malia said...

Try for your books. They are usually at least 30% off and if you buy more than $45 worth it's free shipping. Besides that, no matter what the book, they give you some pictures of what's in the book. Unlike Amazon, which has to be set up by the publisher that way.

P.S. As some one who works backstage in theatre I wholly support the knit in black thing.