Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dear lord.

Okay, so I'm browsing the new knitty, and I see Torque. So pretty, so wearable! So..... 15 skeins for a medium? Okay world, that is 2040 yds and about $120 dollars.

Colour me cheap.

The scary thing is that it is like half the price of calmer. Ugh. If I make this, it will be out of my trust Simply Soft. Because well, I don't wear my handknits enough to spend that much on yarn. Unless I knit it for someone else, then a splurge is worth it.


Elspeth said...

Well, if you would only lose some weight, you could get it down to 12 skeins! ;) Alternately, isn't it convenient that they offer a 20% discount to Nestucca Bay yarns through Knitty? ;) ;)

BlackCrow said...

Oh Elspeth only you could get away with that comment:)
I agree it's so disappointing when you add up the price of all your skeins you need for the project, and of course you always buy an extra skein just in case...its just not fair because it should be cheaper that buying a finished item from a shop.
If I a buy a kit online I try to keep it within a $50 price range. But prices are rising all the time...JUST NOT FAIR.

Allison said...

I'm knitting Torque in Lion brand Wool-Ease at $2.49/skein, which comes to just under $30 for the sweater (plus the sweater itself may be lighter -- I'm getting gauge on size 6 needles -- I wonder if this means I'll use more yarn, though?). But if any amount of acrylic makes your toes curl, it may be worth it to you to spend more on the yarn.