Monday, August 07, 2006

Mildly irritating.

The soy silk is divine. SO soft. Really nice.


My first skein was broke in 4 places! 4! And I didn't notice the last one until I was up on it. I had to pretty much toss the first bit of it all. So now since I'm up to over 200 stitches or so across, I have a break I need to weave in. Ugh.

It is really soft.

And I washed my swatch. Wow, it shrunk up .5 inches and grew a whole 1.5 in width. That would be seriously messed up if I washed this. If you ever make this sweater, note that the gauge is to be achieved at tight knit. So when blocked, my fabric is kinda airy instead of mostly solid. This is because the yarn was 18 sts per inch, and the gauge was 20. I was planning on wearing a tank underneath anyway!

If the next skein has as many breaks, we are going to have an explicit vent published.


raquel said...

if...and only if...that happens...feel free to vent! hell...feel free to vent anytime!

Anonymous said...

Is this your first experience with Soy Silk? It might be inherent to the material... Please let us know how the next ball works out (before I buy any).

Your SP8 Secret Pal

msfortuknit said...

thanks for this! Ive got a bit of soy silk but havent used it yet!