Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not much new in the knitting world

Things are going the same. Still working on the honeymoon cami. It would probably be done if it looked better. I mean, linen looks like CRAP until its blocked. Really. I did block my swatch and it looks good, but damn it looks bad unblocked. For some reason, I ended up with too many increases (and I counted too!), so I had to decrease a bit, and now the top is a size larger than the bottom. This is actually not a bad thing, since my waist is considerably smaller than my chest.

I'm not having a very good time convincing myself I'm going to wear this high maintenance yarn (re: handwash and air dry) semi sheer top too much. Therefore, its slow going.

I'm kinda eyeing Green Gables next, but more stockinette on circs might just send me over the edge. I still want to make a One Skein Wonder for work, but I need yarn for that and I can't buy any till next week. Not that I'll be done my cami by then. Yawn.

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Will Pillage For Yarn said...

Not buying yarn is hard. Really hard. I applaud you sticking to your convictions.

In a week, we will both go out and have a yarnfest.