Thursday, April 20, 2006

I think I forgot to mention.

I think I forgot to mention a few non knitting things. I'm assuming everyone knows the first one:

1. I moved to St. Louis
2. I kept my job in CA for over a month, while being almost immediately hired at a new company locally. (I just quit the CA job recently, it was awesome)
3. My brother moved down here, probably for good. He's living in one of my sunrooms. I like it, he's domesticated and cooks and cleans. I'll lend him out to single American women friends!
4. Because of #3, I need to get naturalized in order to sponsor him to live here, or find him a wife. Unfortunately, he's still married, so looks like its on me to swear on the stars and stripes.
5. I'm in a depressed state of being mostly because of #4, but it's family, and you do things like give up your current citizenship for them
6. I'm thinking of picking up another pt job (current one is pt, and I like it) at a comic book shop purely for the discount on my husbands 150+ montly titles he collects.

I think that's it besides little things like buying rollerblades and trying not to buy yarn in April.

And for knitting, I'm on bust increases for the cami. Wow, this thing NEEDS to be blocked. It looks like crap. I did block my swatch and it looks nice, but um, sheer. Now, anyone who knows me knows this is NO problem as I am generally half naked showing off my tattoo. However, I did buy a tank top to go underneath it, just in case I want to wear it to a fancy restaurant or something (I initally typed "church", then laughed a lot, then backspaced over it).


Lu said...

Do you have to give up yoiur Canadian citizenship to get the US one? I can keep my Italian citizenship, I'll have both.

Shannon said...

Nope, I can't keep it. Sucks :(

Elspeth said...

When I moved back to CA they told me I could keep my MD license, but then they took it from me and I was so sad! I guess that's similar but not quite the same ...