Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I was doing so well.

Okay, I read all of my knitting blogs (that are non livejournal) via bloglines. I'm lazy and don't update my sidebar with what I read.

Bloglines and blogger are being a pain in the butt. Looks like I SHOULD update my sidebar, so at least I know some urls! Sheesh.

Oh wait, I'm "working". What was I thinking! I shouldn't read knitting blogs at work! Hah! Its really the IT department blocking my feeds!

If only they could figure that out. *sigh*

And on a knitting note. I'm on the bunny's arms. I haven't knit much in the past few days. Hey, at least I printed out the Honeymoon Cami pattern.


Will Pillage For Yarn said...

You're on LJ? Me too. :-)

Blogs are such an enjoyable timesuck, non?

lidabit said...

bloglines was having periodic outages. and yes, I read bloglines at work too...