Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Okay. I admit it. I bought The Happy Hooker, a damn cr*chet book.

Only because it has bunny slippers in it....

Heh. Okay, there are some cute patterns too. But bunny slippers? Come on! I can't pass that up!

So, what are um, good quality cr*chet hooks? I'm so asking for trouble here!


lidabit said...

tell me if you like the book... as a lefty I feared the crochet, but after my crochet class at stitches I looove it!

ps: oh man, I was looking around for the projects in the book, and in the shop you can get a Wonder Woman cami/panty set - Underoos for adults! woot!

BlackCrow said...
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BlackCrow said...

Hey I just bought two crochet hooks! just because I needed to buy something the other day;)
I used them I made a ball for fat kitty:)

sometimes these word verifaction can be pretty tricky to type when you've had a drink

SP7 said...

HA! I just signed onto your blog hopping to see if you were remotely interested in crochet for the Happy Hooker!

I am impressed you are up and running so quick after the move!