Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Its all fun and games until your back hurts.

Ugh. The move wasn't amazing. That's all I can say. We are all here, and now we can all shower at OUR place, not at my inlaws. The bunny hates me, and will NOT set one paw on the hardwood. Even when I force her. The cat is still testing the waters with how far she can go (what do you mean I can't go visit the neighbours) and she can open all of the closets.

The takeoff for our first flight was like watching lost. I swear, taking off during a big storm is NOT fun, and I had no motion sickness pills on me. So that screwed my knitting time. Oh, and the lady behind me freaked out and was banging on my seat when I put it back a notch. Ya. I did manage to get this much done in the few hours I knitted:

Oh, and the chocolates are for Ben, from our Chocolatier down the street. Nice huh? A swiss truffle and some sort of chocolate and coffee thing. I have no idea. I got a checkerboard carmel and praline filled thing. I think. I can't remember. I haven't bit into it yet.

I'll return to my regular knitting schedule when I get something to sit on. Saturday won't come soon enough! Bring me my couch Ted (the driver/mover)! These floors are freaking hard!

PS: This is our apt. We have the whole side of the bottom right. East, if you will ;)


Lu said...

The apartment looks great! I am sure bunny will come around ....

Elspeth said...

I love the fingerless glove! I'm still struggling with mine. Oh, and if you need my address for sending chocolate, let me know ;)

BlackCrow said...

It looks really nice, the flat.Typical cat always has to sleep on your black clothes.
Wow Raven is so little I liked his glowing eyes in the photo.
I've lost count how many times I've moved , from state to state, never in one place for more than 2 years and my poor little cat of 18 years moved with me everytime.
I like it where I am now, out of the city and a bit in the bush, big vegie garden and trees for fat kitty to exercise on.

Vegan Knitting said...

Oh my Gosh - what a fabulous apartment? What city is it in? (I found you by surfing the Bay Area Knitters ring.) We live in a tiny cottage in Marin and boy would that apartment work for us.

SP7 said...

Your apartment is gorgeous! I cannot get over the floors (and hopefully Raven will get over the aversion to said floors)!

I am such a geek, I scrolled through all your pictures and thought "man what a great place!" Then I saw the powerbook and all I could think is Powerbook! Apple!


Congrats again on a new place and now we can restart goody sending. Hehehe!

Jo said...

Love the glove... I'm glad you survived the move!