Monday, May 09, 2005

Angelina Lace

So, ever notice a bad yarn choice when you are over 50% done a project? Ever try to k3tog on a size 5 with cotton?

Yep. This lace is tiresome.

Now don't get me wrong, its going to be beautiful, but the lack of stretch and fighting with every stitch is pretty painful... physically AND mentally. I go up needle sizes gradually, so hopefully that will help.

Bright side: At least I'm done with the ribbing! Woo hoo!

I ended up cutting off most of the bottom edge...don't use microspun as "waste yarn". Hah. Talk about splitting everywhere! And pick a CONTRASTING colour. No, really. Unless you are insane like myself. Hey, I got all 180 stitches the first try! I consider THAT an accomplishment.

1 comment:

Lu said...

Lace, yeah! Can't wait to see it!