Saturday, November 08, 2008

Why was I panicking again?

Er, I cast on Wednesday night for the sweater and bound off Friday night. Yup. Why do I forget that baby items are really tiny? Unfortunately the mom has been in the hospital with premature labour. Ack. Poor woman. She's not due until January 1st so they are keeping her drugged up for as long as they can.

Today I had to venture out for a button. I got a few options and I'll sew one on when it is dry. I have a feeling it is going to take awhile to dry.

As for the booties, I don't know anymore. I'm considering a hat instead. I guess you'll find out when I'm finished because I can't seem to blog processes anymore ;)

I had to buy yarn for the Irish babies, and damn that was hard. Since I was out I stopped in the LYS and held my breath and even had help. Couldn't find something just right. A few HOURS of shopping online I finally got some Rowan 4ply Cotton that should work. Well, I hope so!

Pics as soon as the sweater dries. It is Alpaca and cold downstairs. Could take awhile.

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