Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Babies wait for no knitter

So I got an email this morning that at work we are having a baby shower for the baby who I have decided on purple for. On the 21st! ACK! I finally started knitting again on my sweater and I'm on the body home stretch. I planned to be done by Sunday. Not so much anymore.

I have to put it down and cast on for the little one! Kinda sucks but hey, babies have their own timeline. The lady who sits beside me cr*chets and made a blanket and little mary janes! I was planning mary janes too. I think I'll start the sweater and see if I can finish that. Then add the booties if I can get to them. Time to bust this stuff out.

Patterns I'm using:
Ribbed Baby Jacket
Baby Mary Jane

Casting on tonight? Damn, I hope I can get through all of this. We find out the twins sex either today or tomorrow. Personally, I hope they are girls, that way I can bust out a quick and easy girly set of sweaters ;)

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