Sunday, November 09, 2008

Preemie Hat

As I said, the mom is in the hospital trying to stop contractions. I did end up deciding against the booties as this might be a bit more useful for her little girl. I wish I had thought to cast on with the MC to match the sweater, but oh well. It is a really easy and really super fast pattern, I might turn out a bunch of these for donations (in a washable yarn of course). It could use some better blocking, but I was impatient.

And since I don't need an extra post for this one, here is the progress on my sweater:

I have just the body to do, which isn't that bad. However, I started a beret for the mommy out of that pale lilac that the sweater and hat is made out of. I can see myself using the eggplant color, but really I should use the other for a gift, and not everything needs to be for baby!

1 comment:

Zonda said...

Cute hat, done just in time too! :) The beret for the Mom will be nice in that color as well.