Saturday, July 19, 2008

Travelling through time might be quicker

So this is how much I have done on the Tardis. I was thinking it was going to be cute and quick. Its not quick, and its not small and cute. It is going to be huge, and I'm using sport weight yarn. Hrm. Not what I thought.

I'm already spent on knitting the panels, and I have 2 more to do. I don't really want to start anything before the Olympics though. I'm just not happy with it overall but I don't know if I should ditch it or not. I wish I had done it in Alpaca so I could felt and shrink it. Oh well.


Zonda said...

Oh wow! That is going to be cool! Bummer on the size of it being not what you thought though :(

kim4life said...

I thought the idea was very neat, but I can see why you have lost a little momentum, maybe a slight break?