Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting there.

So I cast on for the last panel of my Tardis. I'm still not sure if I should line it or not. Okay, I'm pretty sure I should, but if I will...that is another question. 4 panels of 96 row color work that is the same is a bit...dull. I will have a nice pillow though.

Next up before the Olympics I was going to make Baby's First Tattoo from SnB Nation. In pink and black for my old coworker. I'll probably do booties and a hat too, if I get to it. I'm still not sure if I will use that pattern as I really love seamless garments...and I'm using Microspun which is a bitch to seam. Why am I doubting this? Because the photo of the original project looks a bit "home made". I'm not trying to dig, but if I get half of what the photos show, it will be not too good to give as a gift. And I'm already confident my seaming abilities are lacking. I'm pretty sure this is a sweater that would be best in wool.

So then my thought train goes to a striped kimono type sweater. Maybe with a skull on that. I don't know. I do have to finish the Tardis panel anyway. Why am I worrying? Hehe!

I think what I will get out of the Olympic knitting is that I should knit every day. That doesn't happen, at all. If I do knit a little bit each day for 17 days, I will consider it an accomplishment!

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