Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The plague got me

OMG, I was so sick Thursday evening to today. UGH. I had the plague from hell. I was embarassed that I was taken down by a cold. I didn't knit, I didn't play video games, I didn't eat much either. I was so sick I couldn't sleep.

Funny, I was hoping my sleeves would knit themselves. But they didn't. So I'll have to work on that. I'm at the tail end of the plague, maybe I'll knit a few rows tonight. Or maybe I'll catch up on sleep.

Stupid boring sleeves.


kim4life said...

Feel better. It's not fun being sick and I swear things unknit themselves when we can't!

Lu said...

Feel better soon. There is something going around here, and one of the middle school has been even closed (60% of the students were home sick!)

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

My sock didn't finish itself either, ingrateful beasts! Feel better!