Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On a Roll

Tree Jacket finished? Check

Tudora finished? Check

Next project picked out? Check

The Tree Jacket is trying to dry in the basement since I decided to block it a bit. You know what? I LOVE it! The Tudora knit up fast too, but the weather is so crappy out there is no way I'd get a decent photo. Maybe this afternoon/evening.

Next project? Well, I want some more bulky mittens since my rings get caught in my Spidey Mitts. Also, I have a baby blanket to replace. The old one is shreds really, and 8sts per inch. I'm hoping that the yarn I chose will be squishy enough for the 5 year old customer, and the gauge is okay too (I'm going with 5sts per inch). She knows it isn't a full replica...hrm. Working for kids makes me nervous! This one is all about the colour, so I'm sending a skein home with her mom to see if she likes it or not before I even start.

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