Monday, November 06, 2006

Not much but mittens!

So, I've been casually working on a pair of fuzzy mittens made out of my leftover Sidar Snowflake. Now, this is fuzzy yummy yarn, but it has no stretch. The 2x2 ribbing is a mess. These will probably end up being car mittens, and that is fine, but when I do ribbing, I want a bit of stretch and shrink, you know? I guess the leftover (since this stuff is neverending) will be a scarf, since well, it is very warm. Warm, fuzzy, and no stretch. Yes, I knew all about this, I just can't leave yarn sitting in my stash!

So next I guess I'll finish that off, since I'm already trying to deplete this darn stash. Then I need a hat! Then my brother needs a scarf to match his new winter coat (grey). I had to go the Simply Soft route again since well, he needs something washable and while he does his own laundry, he doesn't need the hassle of hand washing. I'll need better mittens for myself, and maybe some fingerless gloves for all of us.

It is winter here, at least in my books!

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flutter said...

I remember you from Craftser! Nice to see your work, and your bunny..