Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Almost done

So the Headline News only needs the plastic in the brim. I ordered it on ebay because it was cheap, and I would have spent more in gas than in product to get to a craft store. Okay, and I'm lazy. I think I was too reliant on living really close to a Joanns and a Michaels when we were in California. Oh well.

So I'm stashbusting my darn Snowflake yarn and making a long skinny scarf. I'm just using my swatch, since I didn't bind off. Mind numbing, but I'm unsure of my next project anyway. There is a woman in accounting down the hall who is really starting to show (her pregnancy). We chat every once in awhile (she does payroll, and helped me out when I was sick), maybe I should use up that baby homespun and make a blanket. I have to get rid of it sometime! I don't know the sex, and I'm not about to go up to her and ask. I'm sure people are in her face enough about it. I'll have to give my boss his puppy booties and hat soon, as his baby is due in the beginning of January. I don't think they are having a shower here. Fine by me!

I'm wearing Grace today. It is pretty comfy, and I think I like it. That's a good sign.

I love my new bag, but it is so big. I'm not used to that. It is going to be awesome to travel with though. I have to go to Chicago in December, so I will be breaking it in. Hrm, how many projects to I take? Heheh! I guess I'll have to have something to knit before I leave! It is only a few weeks away!


Marcia said...

Hi Shannon! Please-Please-Please don't hate me... but I love your new Jordana Paige bag, too... so I bought myself one in red. Remember: imitation is the highest form of flattery... oh yeah, and I'm too nice to hate. :-)

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I so need one of those bags. But if I do, I better sell more stash first. Hmm...