Saturday, February 14, 2009

Funny, it doesn't remind me of Jamaica

This was a pretty fun knit. Size 10 needles and short rows made for some mindless knitting, which is what I needed. I really love the Cathay I used, it is nice and soft. I now have a single ball of red left, what to make? Hrm.

I am going to cast on for the Lemongrass Bolero tonight. I hope it is another nice knit. I'm into mindless knitting lately it seems. Or at least quick. Maybe I should just make an army of bulky scarves? I don't know. I do know I need to clean up my knitting area upstairs. It is getting to be a mess. And another bad thing is that my stash doesn't fit in my bins anymore. I gave up trying to get the lids to click. That is BAD. It isn't bad that I have a lot of yarn, but it means I'm just not knitting as quick as I used to.

I know. It isn't about speed. It is about having fun. But this means I really need to use up my stash a bit. I have an overflowing bin of COLORED yarn. Seriously. I understand the black bin overflowing, but seriously? Colored yarn. Too much. I need to make a ton of gifts!

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wheelinsticks said...

Holy cow are you knit up a storm! Looks great! Thanks for the comment on my sweater. I really like it.