Friday, December 19, 2008

Probably a bad time to be thinking about sizing.

So I'm knitting on the Feburary Lady Sweater. All of a sudden this morning in the car I think "hmm, I wonder if I'm knitting the right size?".

So I'm knitting the Small. The SMALL is a 41" bust. My chest (36") is smaller than the EXTRA SMALL size (37.5). Does this biotch need ease?

WHY am I not knitting the XS? Because for fucks sake people, I am NOT an XS. I KNOW I should have cast on by the measurements but that seems stupid.

Should I frog it?

Pros to being big:
1. It's cotton, I can put it in the washer and dryer and it will probably then fit. I think this was my original plan

2. I won't have weird gaping at the closure.

3. I won't have to rip it out. I'm over a ball into knitting it

Cons to being big:
1. It will fall off if it doesn't shrink in the wash

2. I will never wear it (but that is pretty likely anyway)

3. I'm gaining weight, so it would be depressing to have this be too small

I don't know. This cotton isn't a dream to work with. I'm thinking it might shrink up and wash really nice though. It is a top down, so technically I can edit or stop while it is fitting, just make sure I have the proper number for the lace.

What a pain in the ass pattern. Seriously people, I'm a 10-12, not an XS.

[edit] Why am I even contemplating this. I'll rip it out tonight *sigh* The XS is even "big". Jeeze.


Crafty and Crap said...

I'm doing the small and it seems fine one knitted.....I say keep if its a little tight amongst the boobs, who cares... :P

Anonymous said...

The sizing on this one gave me fits. I ended up knitting the large, even though I am probably a medium, based on measurements and how I've read it runs big. Then again, my gauge is almost always spot on and then things come out too small anyway for some weird reason - I'm gambling on the large.

It supposedly runs big, according to many threads on Rav.

Kara said...

I've heard it runs big, too. So, yeah. There's that.

I'm actually knitting the size that would have fit 2 months ago. Now I should be knitting the size smaller, but I am not ripping that bitch out at this point.

maitai said...

well i've already read your next blog post, but i would've suggested to keep knitting the S as well :) how is a small a 41" bust? if an XS is a 36" then i need an XXS because hi, i wear a 32A :)