Monday, December 08, 2008

No really, I'm still knitting the same sweater

I feel like such a bad blogger, but really nothing new is happening. However after just measuring it looks like I'm a few inches from finishing this damn sweater!

Good thing I swatched out my next 5 projects on Sunday!

Yep 5 (I think I have 8 that have the yarn pulled out of storage). I figured I might as well be organized so I can get ready for my trip. 2 international flights plus 5 hours on a train probably make for a bit of knitting time. And only one of them is a sweater, the others are all smaller projects. I'm pretty excited about smaller projects.

Not that I'm going to get to them all, but I was a boy scout when I was little. (No, really, I was a boy scout, I got badges and stuff, my mom was the leader, muahah!). Be prepared. What happens if I run out of things to knit? *gasp*. Okay, I could go shopping I guess, but that is the easy way out.

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