Sunday, September 14, 2008

The rain was delayed, but it hit today

Everybody thought the storm had passed. Nah, it was just late. So with torrential downpours last night I slept mostly on the couch trying to comfort our cat that howls at all hours. This lack of sleep thing is getting to me. I'm so tired I didn't knit this week really. How pathetic is that?

I still have half a handwarmer to make. Good thing I'm going to knitting today. I ended up buying some Baby Uggs at work since I didn't really feel like trying the bootie thing again for this kidlet. I'm bad. I get a good discount okay? And the mama loves her Uggs. I hate them, you know, lined with death (sheep) and all. But hey, I'm a good gift giver. Plus, they are pink.

And a quick Hello to a new stalker, my tea pal. I also have a blog on Livejournal which is mostly a Twitter feed because I'm lazy. I also have a baking blog that I always forget to update. Hah.

Okay, maybe I'll dig out my knitting so it is ready to go this afternoon.

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