Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Punk Rawk Baby Sweater

How many weeks did it take me to sew on some freaking buttons? Ack. I'm horrible with buttons. Make out of 1 and a little bit of a skein of black microspun and not so much pink. I kind of winged it, which is fine. It's for a baby!

I'm a little over half done my vine wristlets and I cast on for some darn baby booties last night. Yes, I have 2 WIPs, no matter now small that is just crazy talk for me!

So the baby booties match this sweater, and I'll post a pic of them together when they are done. You know, if I knit again this week! Hehe! I figured if I could turn out some booties, I can start the Feb Lady Sweater for me guilt free!

I now have 3 babies at work though. 1 purple gal and 2 very irish kidlets (twins). Looks like lots of little projects!


Zonda said...

I just love it! Cute and not the normal pastely stuff.

Hybrid Hopes said...

That's adorable.