Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WHAT have I gotten myself into?

Well, I have a friend who is sick, but very positive. She will come through the big C, and she is the most cheerful person I know. Really. My antithesis I believe. She was commenting on how pretty my scarf was and I told her I was planning on making her something but wanted to hear from her (and not her husband who we see more) on her favourite colours and such.

Lime Green.

No, really. So I figure if I'm going to make this lime green sacrifice, it might as well be cashmere since the Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere is on closeout at Webs. (p.s., don't try buying all 154 balls on me now!).

Okay, lime green yarn? Check. Almost ordered. Pattern? Er, not so easy. She's NOT a fan of lace, at all. Ben and her husband REALLY want me to mix the colour with something more digestible, but she LOVES lime green, why dilute it? She isn't tomboyish either, so I was thinking maybe cables, but I want it to be done in a good amount of time, aka, this winter. I'm actually at a loss, and not married to the cable thing. I was originally thinking bulky/chunky and fuzzy, so that is another option if I don't want to do the cashmere thing. The only thing it has to be is LIME GREEN.

Yes, I will continue with my daily headaches, and my neurologist will just tell me to stop knitting lime green ;)


Crafty and Crap said...

How about the cashmere neckwarmer kathy, kara and I have made.. I did mine in like two days.. so you could do it in an hour and it looks awesome...

i like like green too

kara said...

Not that you'd want to do it again, but My So-Called Scarf would also look nice.

Or a Basketweave scarf would be nice and show off the yarn, but still have a bit of a pattern to it. Maybe Danica all in one color (although the back of it isn't very pretty).