Monday, April 23, 2007

Not MY $50.00!

So we went to a book fair this weekend, and and didn't really find anything. So we wandered around to some used bookstores (my husbands hobby is books, writing and reading). At our regular used bookstore, I scored on knitting books! They RARELY have knitting books. So I picked up a few, and then I saw a cute one, Fancy Feet. I looked at the price and it was $50.00! Er, I'm one of the few knitters that doesn't love knitting socks, so why would I pay $50.00 for a sock book? I mean, it was pretty cool, but not worth that. I get home and yes, that is pretty much the going price.

Now, I'm the first one to admit I own The Principles of Knitting, however I only paid $15.00 for it. And honestly, I never use it. I'm more of a pattern book girl, as opposed to a technique girl.

I guess I could say "yay for a used book seller being educated!", but honestly I go to used bookstores to score deals, not what I can buy them for online. I did buy more than I usually would since I was supporting a local business, but I did pick and choose. I got Knit Mittens!, Knit Hats!, and Vogue's Knitting on the go Scarves.

So even if I didn't pick up the $50 sock book I'll never use, I know I can just put that money towards a nice Barbara Walker book ;)

Oh, and if you really want this book, it is at Pattons on Manchester. So go buy it just so I don't spend the money.

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Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

Good for you! Discerning taste is nothing to sneeze at.