Thursday, October 19, 2006

Punk Rock Pals Rock!

Lookie at what my Punk Rock Secret Pal sent me! I got it last night and love everything to bits. That yarn, it is 100% Alpaca, and 110% wonderful! It is mainly grey, with fades to blue and black. SO nice. I'm thinking of a wonderful scarf for myself, or maybe a hat! Oh, I can't decide!! I have about 220yds and it is worsted. SO yummy. Same with the pastilles. I opened those first ;) The stitch markers are really darn pretty, and came in that cute box. I needed something for my growing stash of stitch markers. I need to clean my tub so I can use the bath salts! Boy do I need to relax! It has been a tough week.

Is it bad to take your car for an oil change/tire rotation/car wash (all free) and tell them to take their time so you can knit? I went out for a quick bite with my husband when I dropped it off, and they were done 15 minutes later! No knitting time! I had to come back to work instead. Good thing it is beside a bubble tea place or else I would have been grumpy. Oh well. I got the yarn to finish off the sweater, so I'm working on the last sleeve. I hate the last bit of knitting, I always just want it done.


Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad you liked everything!!!

BlackCrow said...

wow all these goodies look great...mmmmmM&M's, did you get any blue ones?
I'm just about to seal up my pal's box of goodies up.
I take it 100% alpaca is good to knit with, I bought her some unspun stuff, I hope it's kind on her hands when she spins it.