Monday, February 14, 2005

Stitches (again), and Sari

So I went to Stitches on Friday, because you know, work is overrated. There were a lot of crazy women out, it was entertaining for a bit... then it was overwhelming. The people were rude and shoving and it was literally a madhouse.

You know its bad when I go with my hippy friend and look at her to keep grounded in her tie dye glory! Hah! Oh, she's awesome, and she bathes, so I have absoultely no problem with her. Plus, she's an excellent knitter!

Oh, and I didn't die, but almost with all that damn wool. Women kept on shoving me and I would end up in the roving (unadulterated wool, direct from the sheep, aka, instant death) and trying not to have any of it touch my skin. I did survive a few hours, and bought this:

That's cotton, 1200 yards. I got it for half off of their already special price since it didn't have a tag. $10. That's 2 balls of GLOW IN THE DARK yarn. And the pattern hopefully will work out for the 1200 yards of cotton. The pattern is called Angelina and I love the whole damn site. Its made for busty women, and I swear I will make everything there. I'm already confused with the pattern, go me!

Sari update: Wow, I completely understand how frustrating it is that this yarn isn't perfect. The dropped stitches turn out pretty funky, and not in a good way if you are a meticulous knitter. I mean, it looks cool I guess, just ultra sloppy. Its hard to be proud of something sloppy.

Ya, I'd be done by now if I was in love, instead I do one repeat a day or so. Blah. The whole concept is really damn cool, I just wish I figured out a hip scarf or something for belly dancing. Maybe I'll add to the finished piece when I have more skills. Maybe it will make a really great present for someone.


Moni said...

Hello! just surfed in from the Bay Area Knit bloggers ring...I know what you mean about the sari yarn. I am knitting something up with it now and it's not the most comfortable yarn to knit with.

Lori said...

gorgeous purchase! I was surprised that the knitters there were rude or unfriendly. I normally think knitters are the nicest peeps out there. I think it was just all the fiber overload that drove people to be so in their own world.