Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jasmine Fingerless Mitts

These turned out nice and cosy, however they are too big for me. Oh well. A good gift for a guy, already made! Sweet! Embarrassingly I finished these September 13th and still didn't blog about them until now. Whoops.

Now I'm working on a scarf and that should be done in a few weeks. It is starting to get cold so I'm going to have to bust out some of my knitwear and see what I want to knit next! That's the fun part.

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Anonymous said...

OOOOOOHHHH ... those are sooo nice!
Too big for you means they are too big for me, but I would really like to get the pattern for them!
Maybe if I knit them on smaller needles, hmmm?

It is getting chilly in the evenings here (Nova Scotia, Canada) and the skin on my hands is starting to dry and crack. (As a friend says, "What are you going to do when winter arrives?")

Beautiful work, Shannon!