Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh bother.

So it has been bone chilling cold in St. Louis. Okay, I know it is worse up north, but come on...cold is COLD. So cold my husband stole my car mittens (that steering wheel is cold in the am!) and I had to pull out my too small mittens.

This morning I vowed to use my crappy baby homespun to make some mittens and a scarf that would keep a tropical bird warm. Because really, I'm not going to use it for something cool or innovative, and I just bought too much.

And today it is BALMY out. Yes, it snowed last night, and was cold. Today, sunny and 43. I haven't started on my hooded scarf. This is a fast project, but it got warm! How am I supposed to be inspired to use leftover violet and white homespun when it isn't even that cold out anymore?

I REALLY need to send out my soap of the month. I really need to pack. I really need to make March's soap. I really need to pack! I really need to sleep through the night and for work to calm down a bit.

I REALLY need to knit!

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Zonda said...

Hang in there!! Hoping all calms down for you soon! :)